“Outbound Training - Self-enhancement: Unleash talent and unlock potential” under the Project "Aprajita"

The training was conducted in Rishikesh, on the Laps of Himalayas

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IOCL Project Aparajita : Fly Again and Reach High

Phase II: Professional Excellence

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Faculty of Corporate Training and Development

Faculty of Corporate Training and Development (FCTD) is an initiative started with an intent to conduct impactful management development trainings set up by a team of Professors, Dr. S.P. Chauhan & Dr. Surabhi Goyal, having an experience of more than 25 years in the field of Management.

Our Trainings

outbound training from 9th to 12th November 2022

It was an excellent experience for the IOCL women executives


“Stress Management: Work Hard, Live Smart”

Stress is an issue every working professional has to deal with. Understanding and dealing with it effectively becomes of utmost importance. FCTD conducted a training programme on “Stress Management: Work Hard, Live Smart” for the executives of IOCL at Panipat Refinery and Petrochemical Complex, Panipat on 10 – 11 October 2022. The training programme was more of a self-reflection session. It initially covered the different gamut of stress and later deep-dived into self-analysis. The programme also talked about some effective strategies to maintain a work-life balance and manage stress effectively.

“Developing Managerial Skills”

Being a manager is a well-rounded role which involves a lot of responsibilities. FCTD is conducting a training programme on “Developing Managerial Skills” at National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC) (Corporate Office), New Delhi on 27th-28th September. This is an insightful programme with sessions on self-awareness, empowerment and growth. These sessions also had a few assessment sessions where the young dynamic officers could measure disposition and analyse gaps. It also included management games and activities to provide experiential learning and managerial skills. Learning basic workplace skills in a matter of a few days in an exciting manner, helps the executives to stick to the learnings for a longer period.

“Interpersonal Effectiveness”

Working in a corporate is no longer a single-person thing. One needs to interact with peers, seniors, juniors, clients, customers and people from other companies. FCTD is conducting a training programme on “Interpersonal Effectiveness” from 22-24 September at NHPC Limited Subasiri, which was inaugurated by GM HR Mr. N. K. Jain on 22nd September.

Project “Aprajita” at IOCL Pipelines Division Head Office, Noida

We are enthralled to share that our 3-day training program on “Personal Excellence: Developing Passion at Workplace” gathered immense response. This was under the Project “Aprajita” for women executives of Indian Oil Corp Limited at Pipelines Division Head Office, Noida. Everyone is on a journey to be better and excel at their work every day. Although the generic skillset and qualifications are essential, taking the tasks up as a passion seems difficult. We highly recommend being passionate about your work and excelling at it each day; one step at a time. Our training will be modest tutoring of your journey toward a better and more productive work life. DM to know more about such training programs.

Training at NTPC for the Women Executive Trainees

FCTD conducted another training program for the female Executive Trainees of NTPC on July 20, 2022. The program saw the participation of 30 Female Executive Trainees (ETs). These programmes were customised to suit the needs of the participants and were conducted at NTPC’s state of the art Regional Learning Institutes (RLIs) located at NTPC Sipat, NTPC Vindhyachal and NTPC Simhadri in the Mechanical, Electrical and Control & Instrumentation (C&I) disciplines.

We whole-heartedly support NTPC’s initiative to provide equal work opportunities for all and through our programs we aim to equip women in the workplace with the right skills. The program conducted sought to hone the leadership skills of our participants as well as prepare them to take up more executive roles in the future. The goal of the program was to instil confidence in our future female executives and improve their participation in their workplace.

We were delighted to conduct such a training program that aided women to rise to the fullest potential and provide them with the right skillsets needed to do so.

Webinar at IOCL – pipelines, NOIDA

FCTD conducted a webinar on “Swayamshakti – Managing Self for Work-Life Effectiveness” for IOCL on the 15th of July, in New Delhi. This webinar was carried out as part of the Pratidhwani initiative, along with L&D, and PLHO.

The online event focused on building self-awareness and self-regulation in order to achieve better work-life effectiveness. The aim of the program was to induce higher self-esteem and confidence in our participants by equipping them with skills and strategies to enhance their work-life balance.

It was indeed our delight to conduct such training to help executives and give them some practical strategies to achieve personal and professional excellence. Hope to reach out to you with our forthcoming programs soon.

Training at IOCL Faridabad

FCTD conducted one day training program on ‘Breaking the Glass Ceiling’ on 27th July 2022 for women executives of IOCL R&D department, Faridabad . The number of participants were around 40 and an overwhelming response was received.

Training at NSPCL a joint venture of NTPC and SAIL

FCTD conducted a three-day training on the topic, ‘Unleashing the power of 360 degree interpersonal relationships.’

  1. The training was held at Hotel Fortune at Durgapur from 3rd August to 5th August 2022. The participation by the senior members of NSPCL was very heartening and speaks a lot about the organisation progressive culture . The program was inaugurated by GM & Business Head, Mr. Kameshwar Jha  and GM-HR, Mr. Pankaj .
  2. The training was paired with experiential learning through case study, management games and role-plays.

Our Programs

“85% of one’s success at the workplace is attributed to soft skills and only 15% to technical skills.” - Harvard Study

Online Training Programme on Managing Personal Effectiveness during Crisis

Duration : 3 days

Crisis leadership for the VUCA World

Duration : 2 days

Competency Building for Leadership Roles

Duration : 3 days

Managing Self for Leading Others

Duration : 2 days

Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills

Duration : 3 days

Breaking The Glass Ceiling by Women Executives

Duration : 3 days

Developing Emotional Intelligence

Duration : 2 days

Personal Effectiveness for Non Executives

Duration: 2 days

Value Actualisation for Organisational Excellence

Duration : 3 days

Our Program Features

Lectures backed by research Insights
Learning Through Management games
Case Presentation followed by Action Plan
Pre Test and Post Test Assessment