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The beliefs we are holding in the beginning of our journey define and  design the journey of our life and thereby our destiny.  If we want to go very fast and far we need to  drop the weight, the psychological baggage we carry in our mind. This baggage is our way of looking negatively at the day-to-day situations we are faced with.  Human psychology says that if we can change our habits we can change our life. Good habits shape our future.

To be happy and at peace with ourselves we should be able to differentiate between what can bechanged and what cannot be.  In the case of what we can change it is better to do something rather than complaining and criticizing.  In case we cannot change something, it is better to accept it and adjust ourselves to the situation.  As it is said what cannot be cured, should be endured. We only need to make ourselves stronger to deal with the situation.

Another important thing we need to remember that nothing is permanent.  What is today may not have been yesterday and may not be there tomorrow.  Everything is a passing phase.  If good times do not last forever, bad times will also not last.  The good thing about the bad time is that it is not permanent and the bad thing about the good time is that, that is also not permanent.  When things are not in our control, we should learn to go with the flow rather than resist it.  As Winston Churchil said “If you’re going through  hell, keep going”.

When we get up in the morning we all have two choices  – to be happy or not to be happy. Taking ownership for our happiness is our prime responsibility and also our happiness should not depend on others or external conditions.  The external conditions may not be in our control but internally we have complete control over our actions and responses.  Our happiness or unhappiness depends on what meaning or interpretation we give to the happenings around us and the belief we have about our capability to deal with the unfavourable conditions.  The biggest hurdle in one’s way is not something external but our self-limiting beliefs.

 Remember if the invisible virus can scare us, the invisible power of our brain can save us.


Dr. S.P. Chauhan