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Welcome to the making of the blog !

I walked up to his room, saw him sorting his papers. He was leaving the college where he has spent almost a decade. I saw him casually giving away his books and study material to his colleagues and his students. He was also discarding the used papers. In the middle of this mess, I saw him putting away 20 executive diaries of the same size neatly in a box . I asked him what is it. He said in very few words that, “This is my years of hard work and I like to go through them again and again.”

I picked up one diary and started to glance through it. It was unbelievable.  On every corner of every page of the diary there was a graffiti of  short stories, quotes in Hindi and English, anecdotes, invaluable research, famous speeches and incidents from lives of famous people. 

He had no clue what a treasure trove he had with him . 

I hesitatingly asked him, “Would you like to share your treasure?.” He nodded not knowing what I meant. That  moment I promised myself that I will not let this treasure go waste,  I must in some way showcase it to the world . 

The  proud owner of this treasure was Prof.(Dr.) S.P.Chauhan who also happens to be the cofounder of FCTD company with me. 

Thus our blog was born, which  we fondly called  ‘Shells on the Life Shore’.

Over the months, we will be sharing  this treasure of beautiful thoughts and we hope that you will pick up these shells of wisdom to decorate your life . 

Happy reading !