Building Competencies for Effective Leadership Roles

5 - 7 January, 2023

“Leadership is an action, not a position”
As we all know, it takes a lot to become a leader; just a higher designation does not fulfill the need. Along with leadership comes a huge sense of responsibility; being considerate, skillful, and having clear communication.
FCTD conducted a program for NTPC Executives at Kudgi from 5th to 7th January’23.
With this programme, FCTD aimed to enhance the leadership skills of the executives in order to take their careers to new heights with the “Developing Competencies for Effective Leadership Roles” training programme. Designed for executives, this program taught the tools and strategies one needs to become a more effective and impactful leader. Also, one would learn to explore a variety of leadership styles and learn how to apply them in different situations by understanding their own strengths and weaknesses as a leader and developing the skills needed to drive success for the team and organisation.

The first day of the program focused on training the executives to find the leader in themselves and techniques one can use to empower self and lead others. There were also self-assessment sessions which helped the executives to understand themselves better.

Day-2 revolved around understanding and developing ‘Emotional Intelligence’ for effective leadership and how to lead results with leadership. It also covered the fundamental aspects of leadership like ‘Conflict management’ and ‘Decision Making’. We also conducted certain activities and games around the same, like ‘Focus your Locus’.

Day 3 of the programme talked about the ‘360 degree relationship model’ which trained executives, the strategies to motivate and manage people. We also focused on how they can lead teams effectively. We also played an interesting game ‘Mind the Lane Mines’ with the executives. The programme involved some sessions, some self-assessment and fun set of games that make people understand leadership better and in a more effective manner.