Conflict to Collaboration

9-11, January, 2023

Are conflicts stopping you from excelling in your career?
Conflict is an inevitable part of human interaction, and it can happen in any setting, be it personal or professional. However, if managed effectively, conflicts can be a source of growth and success. The key is to understand the dynamics of conflicts, resolve intra-personal conflicts, and manage emotions during conflicts.
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We at FCTD conducted a 3-day programme on ‘Conflict to Collaboration’ for non-executives at NTPC, Kudgi, from 9th to 11th January ’23.
The first day of the program focused on understanding the dynamics of conflicts. Participants learned about the different types of conflicts, such as intrapersonal, interpersonal, and organizational conflicts, as well as the causes of conflicts and how to identify them. A workshop on resolving intra-personal conflicts by understanding oneself was also conducted. Participants learned about the importance of self-awareness and self-regulation in resolving conflicts and various tools and techniques such as active listening, negotiation, and mediation.

On Day 2, the program focused on conflict resolution at the workplace. Participants learned the importance of effective communication, managing emotions during conflicts, and various strategies such as compromise, problem-solving, and using a third-party mediator. A workshop on understanding and managing emotions during conflicts was also conducted, emphasizing the importance of empathy.

On Day 3, the program focused on people management for effective relationships and team management for higher results. Participants learned about building trust and respect in relationships, managing relationships effectively, and various strategies such as setting clear boundaries, active listening, and providing feedback. A session on team management for higher results was also conducted, emphasizing effective communication, collaboration, and leadership in a team setting.