Our Clients


Client Org. Title of the MDP
·      Competency Building for Effective Managerial Roles for Senior Executives

·      Developing Soft Skills for Higher for Non -Executives

·      Value Actualization for Senior Executives

·      Building Competencies for Service Excellence

·      Understanding Self and Building Relationships for Higher Performance

·      Empowering Self For managing crisis

·      Developing Emotional Intelligence for Higher performance

· Developing Positive Attitude for Higher Performance with Techniques of Relaxation and Time Management with Demonstration or DSPs, Inspectors and Sub-Inspectors at CBI
·      Enhancing Managerial Effectiveness for Senior Executives from 11 PSUs
·      Developing competencies for solution-centric approach for Senior Executives

·      Managing Self for Leading Others

·      Attitude for Excellence

·      Excellence Through Organisational Transformation for Executives
·      Managing the Contractual Workforce for Senior Executives at IWAI
·      Enhancing Managerial Competencies

·      Emotional Intelligence for Leadership for Senior Executives

·      Personal Growth and Team Building for Senior Executives

·      Building Interpersonal Skills for Senior Executives

·      Aligning Team with Organisational Excellence for Seniors

·      Strategies for Breaking the Ceiling for Women Executives

·      Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills for Executives

·      Communication and Presentation Skills

·      Managing Self For tiger effectiveness

·      Managing stress for Work-life Balance

·      Understanding wheel of life and positive attitude

·      Breaking the Glass Ceiling

·      Managing Self for Leading Others

·      Post Crisis Revival strategies for Business Leaders

·      Building competencies for Personal and Professional Resilience, Post Crisis

·      Managing Stress for Work-Life Effectiveness
·      Building Competencies for Managerial Excellence
·      Managing Self, Building Teams and Leading Others for Women Executives of MMTC
·      Competency Building for Effective Leadership Roles
·      Managing Self for leading Others


·      Motivating Yourself for Higher Performance and Better

·      Relationships at workplace

·      Building competencies for Personal and

·      Professional Resilience, Post Crisis