Building High Performing Teams for Achieving Results with Relationships

Duration : 3 Days

The groundbreaking research study of Adult life at Harvard University has revealed that the people who fared the best in life were the people who had strong interpersonal relationships with family, friends and community.

Taking cue from this, organisations need to encourage a positive and relationship oriented work culture. Employees who are healthy and happier will be able to deliver their level best which will eventually lead to a positive and high performing environment at workplace.

This programme intends to provide experiential learning into working collaboratively in teams and achieving greater results with long lasting relationships.

  • Understanding the Dynamics of High performing Teams
  • Strategies to manage self to lead others
  • Building energy to synergy with 360 degree Relationship matrix
  • Team Challenges : Strategies to deal with failure & success
  • Management Game : Play to Win Lose to Learn