Online training Program on Crisis leadership in the VUCA World.

The magnitude of this global crisis imposes a greater responsibility on us to respond effectively  by providing you solutions centric approaches for managing the impact of the crisis. On completion of this two-day training programme, executives are expected to develop an understanding of the impact of VUCA environment on their business and get an insight into practical and effective leadership skills to manage crisis and collaboratively bring in change.

It is commonly believed that leaders of 21st century will be operating in a very different en- vironment best described as VUCA ( Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity). In this VUCA environment, with the enhanced use of technology and AI (Artificial Intelligence), the mechanical part of the workforce will be taken care of by machines and what will be left for human beings will be the creativity, the judgments, the emotions and other behavioural aspects. Consequently, the human capital which the leaders require to man- age will be very different from the earlier days. It will call for an inspirational leadership that will foster a high degree of human mind to get their ideas work for the organisation.

Further with the outbreak of pandemic, VUCA is going to stay with us with an unforeseeable future for business and the economy. In such times of stress, a collaborative leadership will be required to steer the organisation to mitigate anxiety of their employees. The need of the hour is that the leaders must exhibit calm, confidence and a great amount of compassion for the employees and their families.

To address the unprecedented crisis, FCTD has designed a two-day program to deliberate on leadership competencies for meeting the short term and long term challenges of the VUCA world.

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  • Overview: VUCA environment and its Impact.
  • Developing a positive mind-set.
  • Leveraging Emotional Intelligence in the difficult times.
  • Leading teams effectively through crisis and change.
  • Setting up of a War Room : An Action Plan.